Growruck 43

the reckoning

F3 Fort Bend, TX  Region is honored to host F3 Nation’s GTE 43 “The Reckoning”

The GrowRuck Training Event will be held in Fort Bend, TX on November 3-4-5, 2023.
Events will be held in various locations throughout the Fort Bend, TX area.

What is a GrowRuck Training Event (GTE)?

GTEs are designed to help Men accelerate their leadership journey and reinforce becoming HIGH IMPACT MEN through the 3 Fs: Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. 

During a GTE, we leave no man behind and leave no man where we find him.  In other words, we struggle together to become better men for our communities and our families.

Time: TBD
Location: TBD

Bootcamp workout led by leaders of F3 Nation – great opportunity to EH, this BD is like an AO launch or region convergence!

Time: TBD
Location: TBD

GrowSchool (G3LT) is a Schooling session during which the four quadrants of Preparedness (Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right, Leave Right) are taught in a classroom environment by the GrowRuck Trainers.

This phase will be streamed for the 1st time ever to reach as many PAX as possible worldwide.

Time: TBD
Location: TBD

GTE043 -THE RECKONING is considered a CSAUP (Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless) Event; during this phase the Leadership Skills of the individual GrowRuck Participants and the Teamwork of the Class is Accelerated through intense physical exertion.

Arrive NO LATER THAN 1730 (5:30pm) for equipment check and formations. Start time may change. This phase will conclude Sunday 11 morning probably between 0900-1000 (9-10am).

GROWRUCK – THE RECKONING has a duration of 14-16 hrs, 15-20 miles and the gear + required packing list is below:

1) Ruck (suggested minimum volume: 25L)
2) 30 lb Weight* this is dry wt, preferred method is a plate
3) 6L of water
4) Headlamp with red light & extra batteries
5) Reflective bands on Ruck
6) 1x Carabiner suitable for climbing
7) Photo ID
8) Work Gloves
9) Qty 10 3x5 Index Cards + 1 x pencil + 1x Pen - all inside a ziplock bag
See for more packing tips. 

Any PAX "toeing the line" in this flagship leadership event will have a fitness test to assess where they stand regarding minimum physical requirements, prepare for crushing it, not to just pass it.
Failure of this test will have consequences - Cadre Linus
PT Test is a modified APFT (  Army Physical Fitness Test )
- 2 min AMRAP of Hand Release Push Ups ( F3 Hand Release Merkins) - Passing Score of 42
- 2 min AMRAP of Butterfly/Abmat style sit ups ( F3 Big Boy Situps/Butterfly Sit ups) - Passing Score of 53
- 2 mile run - passing score of 18 min ( this is not an F3 Mosey)

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Are you growruck tough?

Every community in America is filled with men who have great potential to lead, but find themselves wondering, “What’s next?” You may be one of those men who has the potential to lead your family, your F3 Region, and your community. Still you wonder, “What’s next?”